Downing Wellhead Equipment, LLC. strives to continually improve as a manufacturer of Wellhead and Christmas Tree components while being competitive and efficient in all aspects of providing equipment and service to our customers.  Management is committed to upholding the policies and objectives defined in our quality management system.  Documented process controls are in effect to manage and monitor design, materials, purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, testing and storage in accordance to API Q1 guidelines.

We are currently licensed with the American Petroleum Institute and are operating under the API Q1 Quality System with API 6A (license #6A-0059).  Our engineering staff can readily prepare design calculations, plan preparation and physical analysis for our customers' demanding projects.  We utilize Autocad, SolidWorks, COSMOS and other finite element analysis computer software to provide state-of-the-art service for your engineering needs.

Downing Wellhead Equipment, LLC. has been active in the Wellhead and Christmas Tree business since 1980.  We have long been one of the most respected Wellhead manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma.  Through the utilization of the varied backgrounds of our staff, we have successfully been involved in all aspects of engineering, Christmas Tree planning, and Wellhead manufacturing.  We can meet your needs, whether for a large-scale or smaller-scale project.

Downing Wellhead Equipment, LLC. has acquired a reputation not only for the creative design of quality projects in the Wellhead industry, but also for our ability to expedite the delivery and installation process.  It is the earnest desire of Gene Downing and his staff to continue to provide a quality service to the developing Wellhead community, as well as to the public.